Main aim of IME has been popularizing Mathematics.

To remove the fear of Mathematics, we try to make Maths an interesting subject.

The first level MAT (Maths Aptitude Test) is entirely based on school curriculum. Tricky questions are posed which students enjoy solving.

The second level JMO (Junior Maths Olympiad) is a unique exam offered by IME.

Focus of JMO is to develop conceptual learning and enhance reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills of a student.

This helps in better understanding of the subject. It boosts the confidence of a student.

To achieve the above stated objectives of JMO, we have designed a very different curriculum.

For Primary Group JMO (Std. 5th and 6th): Topics include Crypt Arithmetic, Puzzles like Magic Squares and Magic star, Special Numbers like Pentagonal Numbers and Harshad Numbers, Change of Base of Numbers among others.

For Higher Primary Group JMO (Std. 7th and 8th): Topics include Number theory, Sets, Relations and Functions, Permutations and Combinations and Sequence and Series among others.

Our JMO exam lays a strong foundation for future Maths Olympiads conducted by Government of India like PRMO and RMO.

So it helps school students discover their talent in Mathematics and Logic.

It inspires school students to enjoy Mathematics other than school syllabus.

It helps to develop insight for various Mathematical based puzzles or riddles.

It gives an opportunity to study different methods of solving some non-routine problems of Mathematics with confidence and confirm basic concepts on their own.