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JMO 2021
  1. Candidate selected from MAT 2020 that means scored 50% & above.
  2. To appear for the above final contest every student studying from V to VIII Std. will have to qualify himself or herself at first through MATHS APTITUDE TEST which will be conducted on every academic year.
Day & Date : Saturday, 20th February 2021 Time :4.00 PM to 6.00 PM
Last Date of Submitting of Application : 31st January, 2021
Group I – STD V and VI  (Primary Level)
Group II – STD VII and VIII (Higher Primary Level)
Pattern & Contest
  1. Students will enjoy the contest of mathamatics for 2 hours only.
  2. There will be 10 to 12 questions totally. Question paper & answersheet together.
  3. Logical approach, steps are expected for questions, space is provided to write them
  4. For rough work purpose, blank pages are attached or space will be provided. No objective MCQ
Entry Fees for JMO Rs. 400/- *
Last Date of Submitting of Application : Wednesday, 31st January, 2021
Syllabus for JMO -
Group I -
Std. V and VI
Divisibility, Prime Numbers, Some special Numbers Cryptarithmatic, Permutations(FPC), Number of Different Bases, Series and Sequences, Magic Squares Logic, Basic Concept of Geometry.
Group II -
Std. VII and VIII
Divisibility (Euclidian Algorithm, Important Theorems), Modular Arithmetic (Concept of Congruence, applications Wilson Theorem, Eular Theorem), Equations (Quadratic, Infinite solutions, Miscellaneous), Set, Relations and Function (Basic), Combinatory (Permutation and Combination), Sequences and Series (A.P., G.P., H.P., A.M., G.M. & H.M.), Geometry Part-I(Geometry of St. lines & Triangles, Similar Triangles etc., In Circle, Circumcircle), Geometry Part-II(Geometry of Circles, Tangents, Cyclic Quadrilaterals) .
Reference Books -
  1. JMO Specimen Problems. (V / VI)
  2. JMO Specimen Problems (VII / VIII)
How to enter for JMO - 2020 ?
       Schools are going to receive result of MAT 2020 and hence, Principal / Maths Teacher is expected to enhance these selected students to fill up admission Forms enclosed with the result and School Teacher may collect filled forms along with Rs. 400/- entry fees and submit to the principal.
How to send Entry Fees?
  1. Submit forms and cash to the office on the above address.
  2. Take D. D. from any nationalized bank of total amount at Rs. 400/- per student and send it to the office by courier with forms duly filled.
Result :  
       Result of JMO - 2021 Contest will be declared on website and will be informed to respective schools; after a month.
Awards or Prizes :
  1. Ramanujan Scholarship of Rs.1000/- with Certificate of honour and gold medal will be awarded.
  2. Kaprekar Scholarship of Rs. 500/- will be awarded Certificate and silver medal will be awarded.
  3. Consolation Certificate and prize will be awarded to the successful candidate.

MAT 2020
For Students of Std. V to VIII
(Qualifying Test for JMO 2021)

Date of Exam :  (All Over India)
Saturday, 21st Nov. 2020